Introducing Amsterdam UMC

Since June 2018, Amsterdam UMC (University Medical Centers; AMC and VUmc) represents the largest academic hospital in the Netherlands. AGDx is the genomic laboratory of Amsterdam UMC and we are developing the best genetic tests for patients, for disease prevention, disease diagnosis and treatment. AGDx performs at the top of international scientific research and we make medical breakthroughs available, as Amsterdam UMC is one of the leading international centers in the field of academic medicine. AGDx performs tests under government license. Better be safe than sorry: for the vast majority of our genetic panels, we garantee 100% coverage, plus CNV analyses. This coverage percentage of 100%, is called Quality A.

Due to new regulations, there are new prices for genetic testing. As you may have noticed, prices for some tests went up, other prices went down. The price of the test can be found in the catalog. Please contact us if you have questions about the price of a specific test. Special prices are available for large amounts of test requests and regular customers. We do our best to perform at competitive prices and turn-around times, however quality and academic test interpretation is our first priority. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience of clinical genetic testing with you.