New standard for obesity and dyslipidemia

The aim of AGDx is to provide medical specialists with clear genetic diagnostic reports. By special in-house designed targeted NGS panels, genomic analyses for obesity or dyslipidemia is accessible for a large group of healthcare professionals. We do not believe in “the more the better” with regard to the number of genes included in diagnostic panels. Not just a comprehensive list of genes, but selected genes, proven to be of clinical importance for diagnosis and/or treatment, are included in the panels.

By transferring the panels from NGS whole exome sequencing to NGS targeted sequencing, we can reach the sequence coverage >99,9% with an improved CNV analyses. Since we have many requests for these tests, we can now offer these two genepanels, dyslipidemia and obesity (obesitome), at a very competitive price. The targeted panel for obesity is available since April 2018. By launching these targeted gene panels, we set a new standard for genetic testing of obesity and dyslipidemia 2018.