About AGDx

Amsterdam Genome Diagnostics (AGDx) is the genome diagnostic laboratory of Amsterdam UMC. Amsterdam UMC is the largest University Medical Center in the Netherlands. AGDx is designated as (European) reference center for genetic testing of Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH), imprinting disorders and cardiogenetics.

AGDx  aftercare service

AGDx is not a sequence company. AGDx has unique test reports and aftercare services. In short, inaccurate variant–disease associations represent a challenge for clinical variant interpretation. Therefore, AGDx has chosen to inform you with clinical relevant data only. Since the amount of information about genes and genetic variants is growing daily, there is a  continuous need for the reassessment of previously classified genetic variants. AGDx offers free of service aftercare for our patients analysed. This unique service means that AGDx will contact you, when this reassessment (of previously identified gene carriers) results in another classification that affects medical care.

AGDx test quality

Genetic tests are run in Quality A and Quality C. Quality A refers to 100% coverage of genes sequenced at a minimum of 30x. Other tests are performed in Quality C (Quality C > 95% of base pairs coverage at > 30x). After thorough validation, each report is interpreted and checked by at least 2 Clinical Laboratory Specialists who work in an interdisciplinary team of clinical laboratory specialists and clinicians.

AGDx collaboration

AGDx is strengthened by its collaboration with a large network of medical specialists in a variety of disciplines (cardiology, pediatrics, oncology, neurology, endocrinology, hematology, ophthalmology).

License and accreditaion

AGDx is licensed by the Royal Dutch Government to perform clinical genetic tests. The laboratory is JCI and ISO 15189 accredited by the RvA ( according to the NEN-ISO15189 (RvA M174​ AMC and RvA M130 VUmc)). AGDx is recently appointed by the European Atherosclerosis Society as a referral center for genetic testing of FH. For transparent and fast recognition and management of your FH patients, order AGDx NGS Dyslipidemia panel.

Test services

AGDx offers NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) targeted panels, Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), conventional single gene sequencing, deletion/duplication testing, methylation analyses and array-CGH for copy number analysis. In addition, we provide preconception and prenatal diagnostic testing services. AGDx participates in the EMQN and UK NEQAS external quality assesment schemes..