Using this website to order a test

How do I use this website to order a test?

Follow these step-by-step instructions:
Search for a gene, disorder or test on the homepage or test catalog page
In the list of results, click the name of a single gene test or NGS panel to add it to your selection. The My selection button displays the number of selected tests and gives access to the summary and details of your test selection
After selecting all required tests, click the Order test button under My selection
Complete the electronic order form. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
When submitting an order (i.e. clicking ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the electronic order form) a confirmation email will be sent to the Ordering physician email address indicated in the form, and a printable version of your order will be available in the confirmation window
Print the form as instructed and add it to your sample (manually complete the pedigree if applicable)
Send your sample to the Shipping address indicated in Information and order

Do I have to register for an account?

Registration is optional, you can submit a test order without registration. Registration is advised for recurrent users, as your account profile information, such as ordering physician and billing information, will be used to automatically complete parts of the order form.