Specimen Requirements

I am drawing a specimen from an infant. What is the minimum amount of blood required?

For infants, we would like 5-10 ml whole blood in EDTA (purple top tube) to perform any test.

Do you accept buccal swabs specimens?

We do accept buccal swabs specimens under special circumstances. For nearly all of our tests, the quality of DNA obtained from a buccal swab specimen is not sufficient to complete the testing ordered. We actually prefer blood specimens for all our tests. Please contact us to check whether buccal swabs can be used for the test you wish to order.

If more than one test is being ordered on the same patient, is it better to provide a tube of blood for each test?

No. Amsterdam GenomeDx obtains enough DNA from one specimen to complete a number of tests. Unused DNA material is stored for prolonged periods of time, unless we receive specific instruction to send the material back or to destroy it. For further details please contact us .

What are the specimen requirements for prenatal testing?

The following specimens are necessary for completion of a prenatal test:
Maternal blood (1-4 ml in a purple-top EDTA tube) is required for maternal cell contamination (MCC) studies. The maternal sample should accompany the prenatal specimen or be shipped to arrive prior to or concurrently with the prenatal sample.
Maternal and Paternal blood is required for prenatal array testing.
If one prenatal test is ordered, one of the following is required: 10-15 ml of Amniotic fluid, 30 mg of Chorionic villi, min. 1 T25 flasks of cultured amniocytes or cultured chorionic villi. If more than one prenatal test is being ordered on a specimen, one of the following is required: 30 ml of Amniotic fluid, 30 mg of Chorionic villi, 3 T25 flasks of cultured amniocytes or cultured chorionic villi. Please note that orders for prenatal diagnostics will be accepted only upon notification to our office.

Can I send DNA?

Yes. Please send a minimum volume of 20 µl and minimum concentration of 50 ng/µl (50 µg/ml). For testing on a single exon, we require 1-2 ug of DNA. If we are testing 2-10 exons, we require 5-10 ug and for tests with more than 10 exons, we need 20 ug.