Results and Analysis

When can I expect the test results?

Our goal is to provide you with an accurate result in a reasonable time period. The majority of our tests takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete. Analysis of NGS-panels can take longer, due to the higher number of genes analysed and the complexity of the interpretation. The time it takes to complete a test varies depending on a number of factors. The size of the gene, the complexity of the interpretation, the occasional need to redesign or repeat a test, and other factors can increase the turn around time. Testing can take from 2-10 weeks depending on which genetic test was ordered. The information tag for each condition (see Test catalog) indicates an estimated time frame for completion of the test. These estimates are based on the average amount of time it has taken us to complete the test in the past. As soon as a test is completed the results are mailed to the referring physician or ordering facility. Prenatal testing usually takes 2-3 weeks and test results can be communicated by phone, fax or email according to the physician’s preference.

The test result has been lost or was never received, can you resend it?

Amsterdam GenomeDx can provide you with a duplicate copy of the test result if you are the ordering physician or are from the ordering facility. We cannot send results to the patient or other physicians involved in the care of the patient without a signed release from the patient authorizing us to do so.

Can a test be expedited?

All prenatal tests are expedited.  Other common indications for expediting a test in the lab are a scheduled or necessary procedure (e.g. surgery) and  follow up treatment. If there are other medical indications for expediting a test, please let us know and we will do our best to get a result out as quickly as possible. Please note that for all expedited tests an extra charge of € 240 will be applied.