Ordering instructions

Order a genetic test

  1. After completion of the order form, print the form as instructed and add it to your sample (complete the pedigree information manually if applicable).
  2. An email is automatically sent to the ordering physician email address indicated in the form. This is for confirmation only.
  3. The analysis report will be sent to the ordering physician by regular mail. In case the report will be delayed, the ordering physician will be notified by email.

Please note: All sample tubes must be labeled with name and date of birth. Tubes without labels will not be accepted.

  • Cooling is not necessary.
  • Samples should not be frozen.
  • Shipment of purified, extracted DNA and buccal swabs specimens is typically unproblematic within any timeframe due to the stability of these samples.
  • EDTA/ACD blood should always be sent off immediately and arrive in our facility within 5 days of collection.
  • Prenatal specimens should be shipped to us using an express delivery service.
  • All specimens should be shipped to us with a completed requisition form
  • Please use transport tubes in accordance with UN3373 regulations

Please note: Samples for prenatal diagnostics will only be accepted upon previous notification by phone.

Depending on the requested test, the following materials are accepted (please mention umbilical cord blood when applicable):

  • EDTA blood (per request 2x 6 ml. Note: do not use 4 ml tubes. For infants per request 5-10 ml EDTA blood)
  • Purified DNA (usually 5 µg; 20 µg for NGS panels)
  • Amniotic fluid (min. 10 ml)
  • CVS (chorionic villi) ( ~ 30 mg)
  • EDTA umbilical cord blood (approx. 1 ml)
  • Cultured cells (fibroblasts, chorionic villi)
  • (1 flask, min. 25 cm2, 80 – 90% confluent)
  • Biopsy material (e.g. heart tissue) (volume 0.5 cm3)
  • Saliva (only if collected in Oragene OG-500 kits) – available at AGDx on request
  • Buccal Swabs (only if collected in Isohelix SK1 kits) available at AGDx on request
  • For all EPISIGN-tests a minimum of 5 µg DNA isolated from EDTA blood is needed, plus the age of the patient at the moment of sample extraction

Please note: Address label will be printed along with the ordering process.


In case this is an application for a patient not insured in the Netherlands:

  • An invoice will be sent to the ordering physician’s address or to the address indicated on the test requisition form.
  • Please pay within 30 days by bank money transfer to the bank account nr. indicated on the invoice.
  • Please always refer to the Request No. (see order form)